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Properly Organic Pty Ltd

Properly Organic grows and provides
organic seasonal and local food
Purchased online and delivered to your door.

100% Tasmanian owned and operated

Our Edible Flowers, Microgreens and Mushrooms are Beyond Organic in quality. This means a great shelf life, which reduces waste.

No more throwing produce out a few days after you bought it!

They can change a simple meal to a gourmet experience.

All of Tasmania is our backyard but the northern section is where it is at at the moment.

We service food outlets like restaurants, clubs and cafes as well as providing public access to highly nutritious and very tasty food.

As our name says, we produce Properly Organic food.

We do not use chemical fertiliser or any poisons – at all.

I do not wish to eat those and I do not ask you to.

Our food is young, fresh, full of flavour and nutrient dense – just as it should be.

Currently Filled


AgistmentWe often have spare pasture forage because most of our production is done indoors. This we rent out to local producers to assist them when they have a shortage of feed.

We charge industry standard rates for this service. Our property has good feed and is well watered. The paddocks are well covered with clover and various rye and grass crops.

Now Available

LED Grow Lights

We buy most of our needs in bulk which occasionally leaves us with an excess. A recent order of LED Grow Lights is an example.

Coming Soon


Tatsoi MicrogreensMicrogreens are young plants that  have just grown their first true leaves. At this time, their flavour and nutritional values are way high. Depending upon the variety, they contain 5x to 40x more vitamins and minerals than their adult form.

This makes them an excellent addition to sandwiches, burgers and soups. They also go well as a garnish on meals. A quick addition to a meal makes it instantly gourmet.

Coming Soon


Mushrooms are a very healthful and medicinal part of our diet. We start with the more common and simple to grow mushrooms. The others, we grow on demand. Where possible they will be sold as a bloom rather than individual shrooms. In any event, their quality will be high with a good shelf life.