Frequently Asked Questions


What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are vegetable seeds germinated and grown until the emergence of the first true leaves. Depending upon the variety, many have between 5 and 40 times the flavour and nutritive value of the mature plant. They are often used by fine dining restaurants to provide flavour and visual appeal to a meal. A plain meal + microgreens often equals a gourmet treat.

What do you do with Microgreens?

Microgreens provide flavour, texture and nutritive value.

Because of the flavour and visual appeal, many are used as garnish. They are also used to increase the flavour of soups. A good soup will have a number of high points of flavour. Microgreens can fill the valleys of flavour providing a more complex and appealing mix. It is also pleasant to mix microgreens into a salad improving visual appeal, flavour and texture.

Microgreens can be eaten raw as a TV snack. Blended, they are great in a smoothie. They can also be added to the morning fresh juice. They are also a sneaky way of getting the kids to eat their vegetables.

How long do Microgreens last?

Depending upon the variety, microgreens can last between 1 to 2 weeks in the fridge when stored between 2 and 5 degrees C. As with many other vegetable products, the amount of oxygen and moisture will determine the shelf life. During tests in our refrigerator, without opening their plastic pouch, we have had some quite palatable after 4-5 weeks. This is not the norm however.

How do you use Microgreens?

There are a number of tasty ways you can use microgreens.

  • As a garnish, they can improve the appeal of a dish.
  • As a stock component, soups can be improved with a more complex flavour.
  • Placed in sandwiches, they add flavour, texture and nutrition.
  • Added to a burger, the meal takes on a new quality level.
  • Mixed to a quiche, the flavour, mouth feel and general tone of the meal is improved.

Are Microgreens good for you?

Microgreens often have between 5 and 40 times the flavour and nutritive value of the mature plant. They are richer in vitamins and minerals in a tasty package.


What does our nursery provide?

We have a grand collection of seeds. This enables us to bag seeds for our customers, grow seedlings and provide starts for many home gardens. These will be available shortly.

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