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100% Tasmanian owned and operated

Our Products

As the name says, our products are Properly Organic. This means that we have a zero chemical policy.

Pests tend to only attack plants that are weak or sickly – much like the lion and hyena on the Serengeti.

We emphasise the ability of a healthy plant to manage any pest  that may choose to bother it. It is also convenient that healthy plants are more nutritious and so taste much better.


We do not use all of our land for cropping, so have some pasture to spare. This we agist to rest and  keep it in order. Cattle manure is an excellent natural fertiliser.

Currently the area has been sewn with pasture Rye and Clover – a good fodder mix.


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Market Garden

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Operation Restart will initially see a range of Microgreens being produced.

As a crop microgreens are very nutritious and flavoursome. Our microgreens are produced to retain their freshness. We usually deliver on the day they are harvested. We usually manage a shelf life of 10 to 14 days which is significantly more than imported product that has already spent most of its life in coldstore, truck, train and ship just to reach the shops in Tassie.

This extra life ensures that wasteage is minimal and you are buying much more efficiently.


Phase II of Operation Restart is to produce a range of  mushrooms. Again, there are few mushrooms produced in Tasmania, so our harvest then immediately deliver policy will grant you fresh and flavoursome shrooms of high quality that are economic.

Flavour, quality and value – is a combination that you cannot beat.


Seedlings, packaged seeds, Advanced Trees


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LED Grow Lights

Multispectral LED Grow LightWe bulk purchase our equipment which means that we occasionally have surplus to requirement. These items we make available to our customers.

At the moment we have a range of 60W multispectral grow lights available.

Garden Tools

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