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The Property

34 Lamberts Road, Merseylea
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34 Lamberts Road Merseylea 7305 offers approximately 26 acres of well watered land with a mixed clover and rye grass pasture separated into 10 paddocks.

Based on past experience, the property has a carrying capacity of 35 heifers and 20 calves when moved every 2 days.

The Pasture

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Agistment Rates

Type of Stock Per Day
Cows 2 years + $4.50
Heifers 1 to 2 years $2.25
Calves to 12 months $1.50
Bulls 1 year + $2.90
  • All prices are EXCLUSIVE of GST.
  • Prices as of 1 November 2022

Agistment Agreement

This is a standard contract presented by RP Emery & Associates modified to suit this property.